Our vision is for everyone in the UK to have the Basic Digital Skills they need.

We work on various projects, programmes, and partnerships to help organisations and individuals become part of the solution.

See what we’re working on and you how can get involved:

The Digital Skills Charter

We created the Digital Skills Charter to inspire people and organisations to commit to helping their colleagues, customers, and communities get the Basic Digital Skills they need.

By committing to the Charter, you are pledging to help your:

Colleagues – to ensure everyone in your organisation has the Basic Digital Skills they need
Customers – by giving people access to online services that meet their needs
Community – to make sure that people are given the opportunity to gain the Basic Digital Skills they need

You can use the Digital Skills Charter to motivate your organisation and help everyone in the UK get the Basic Digital Skills they need. Sign the Digital Skills Charter now!


digitalskills.com is a tool for digital champions to use to help people gain Basic Digital Skills. It has a range of easy-to-use resources that will help you teach people how to gain Basic Digital Skills.

You can find solutions to your digital problems with the Ask and Answer feature, create and join groups with other digital champions, as well as search our map. The map shows a host of WiFi spots, digital inclusion programmes, computer access and other digital champions so you can find out what’s going on in your local area. You can even add yourself as a digital champion so that people can get in touch with you for help and support.


It’s not just individuals that need Basic Digital Skills help, businesses and charities need it too. We’ve worked with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to help small businesses ‘Do More Online’ and have created digitalskills.com/business

The website features a range of resources and guides that will help businesses use digital tools and services, from creating a website or social media page, to selling online and using email or calendars more effectively.

Our regional programmes

We wouldn’t be able to help everyone in the UK get Basic Digital Skills without our dedicated digital champions. Digital Champions volunteer their valuable time to teach, organise and help with digital inclusion events and programmes across the UK.

You can see the results of our latest regional programme by visiting www.imadeadifferenceawards.co.uk 

The I Made a Difference Awards are held in each of our regional areas at the end of each programme.

They exist to recognise and celebrate the incredible work that has been undertaken by individuals and organisations in the regions, and how their lives have changed since gaining Basic Digital Skills. Find out about the awards at our I Made a Difference Awards website.

Corporate Partnerships

By working in partnership across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, we’re able to make a real impact throughout the UK. We’ve developed a National Partner programme to enable more organisations to support our work and help accelerate improvements in Basic Digital Skills.

If your organisation is keen to support the UK’s citizens, businesses and charities to gain Basic Digital Skills, download our National Partner Programme pack (PDF) for more information on how to get involved.