The UK may have more internet users than any other EU country, but a staggering 1 in 5 adults still don’t have the Basic Online Skills to benefit from the web.

Britain’s businesses and charities need help too. On average, 31% of organisations lack Basic Online Skills. Our e-commerce market is flourishing; but just half of small businesses and charities have a website. Of those who do, only 1 in 5 allow customers to purchase goods/services or donate online.

The UK’s investing in top notch digital infrastructure, platforms and services; we’ll have achieved our vision when every person, small business and charity has the skills and confidence to use them. But we can’t do it without the help of people like you, or the organisations you work for.


There’s already so much going on

Right now, all across the UK, thousands of people and organisations are supporting family, friends, colleagues, customers, charities, small businesses and people in their communities to get connected. At Go ON UK we are:

  • Helping our founder and national partners deliver their Digital Skills Charter commitments

  • Championing and supporting the fantastic individuals and organisations – such as the Tinder Foundation, Digital Unite, public libraries, chambers of commerce and community groups – already boosting UK digital skills

We also encourage the leaders of organisations of all sizes to make similar commitments; becoming digital champions for their staff, customers and their communities.