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20th March 2014 by

The Carnegie UK Trust recently released a report stuffed with stories of innovative, local digital skills projects.

Making Digital Real: Case Studies of How to Help the Final Fifth Get Online, shares a smorgasbord of approaches to helping people open opportunities online. With stories from Fife, Glasgow, Leeds, Sunderland, Wiltshire and Liverpool, it sets out seven ‘Digital Participation Tests’ for local authorities, public service providers and voluntary and community organisations, to help them plan and assess how to help people online and enjoy the economic and social benefits.

The challenge

Right now, just one fifth of UK households are without even basic internet services in their home. The Government will invest £1.7 billion to bring fast and reliable broadband to 95% of the UK; but, 9.5 million adults are still without the Basic Online Skills and confidence to use it.

Go ON it’s Liverpool

Local partnerships are vital for bridging the UK digital skills gap. We’re delighted to see the 2011 Go ON it’s Liverpool campaign showcased. Over 18 months, it led to a staggering 55% drop in the city’s offline adults and helped shape a blueprint for our Go ON local regional programme roll out. Starting with Go ON North East and Go ON NI, every person and organisation has a role to play. Find out more here and see what you could do.


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