How to help as an individual

Join and spread the word is our site helping everyone get connected. Stuffed with tools, resources, info, advice and ideas to help anyone share their digital skills with others (including businesses and charities):

How to help as an organisation

Commit to the Digital Skills Charter

Does your organisation believe everyone in the UK should have the opportunity to make the internet work for them? Commit to supporting your colleagues, customers and community.
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Support the North East

Today, the North East of England is home to over half a million adults who lack Basic Digital Skills. Thousands of businesses and charities are also missing out. So, we’re doing something about it.

In October 2013, we kickstarted a partner programme to help every person, small business and charity get connected.
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Support NI

We’re working with partners to make sure that everybody in NI has the Basic Digital Skills to reach their potential. We work in collaboration with national and local people and partners who are passionate about helping every person and organisation gain Basic Digital Skills to achieve this aim.
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Help the North West get connected

In June 2014, we kickstarted Go ON North West – a partner programme to boost the Basic Digital Skills of every person, small business and charity.
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