“Getting online opens huge opportunities for people, making it easier for them to stay in touch, stay informed, shop, use government services and get the most out of their digital lives. As the largest and most advanced digital communications company in Britain, it’s our duty and responsibility to use our own skills and capabilities, so that we can share the power of connectivity with everyone in the UK.”

Olaf Swantee, Chief Executive Officer

Everyone in the UK should have the Basic Online Skills to enjoy the full benefits of the web

Our vision is to give the UK the best network and best service so that our customers trust us with their digital lives. To deliver this, we make Basic Online Skills training a core part of the induction and on-going training for our 11,000 frontline employees. In addition, we’ll run an awareness campaign to increase uptake of additional digital skills training, and will launch a new e-safety training programme that enables our employees to keep themselves and their families safe online and help our customers do the same. We’ve recently launched a new development academy across our Customer Service, and shortly our Retail, teams, to enable us to train our people on specific mobile platforms and deliver a personalised service approach. This will include specialised support to help our customers get to grips with Basic Online Skills on their mobile.

Communities who don’t have the skills to fully enjoy the benefits of the internet should not be left behind

We’re committed to helping everyone get online and make the most out of it once they’ve arrived.

We are working with Age UK, and other local charities, to deliver Techy Tea Parties across the UK. At a Techy Tea Party, guests spend around two hours one-to-one with an EE Digital Champion who helps them with their tech challenges. This might be teaching them how to text, showing them how an iPad works or setting up an email account. Our guests bring the kit they want to learn more about and our champions bring their devices so they can demonstrate what technology can do. In September, we are holding EE National Techy Tea Party Day where we will hold events in all our stores and encourage the nation to get involved.

We’ve launched consumer digital skills resources at that provide people with tips and tools to inspire their friends and family to get online; the pages also provide e-safety advice for parents. We have also launched an online toolkit to help small businesses build their digital business capability. The resources, which can be found at cover the following areas: Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, Social Media, Safety and Security and Websites. Each resource provides advice and support to help businesses get the most of the digital world when promoting and selling their products and services.

Everyone deserves world-class digital services that meet their needs and are useable by all

All of our sales, contact and support services will be online and useable by anyone with Basic Online Skills by 2015. We have launched a new website which has a streamlined online shop. We also have a personal customer account service, which can be accessed online and through the my EE app. We’re committed to making it more convenient for our customers to communicate with us through digital channels including live online chat, Twitter, Facebook and social communities, and we’re putting dedicated teams in place to digitally communicate with our customers.