“We want to help two-thirds of our customers to manage their energy accounts online by 2020, so they can benefit from the lowest energy prices and can take more control of the energy they use. We appreciate that this could be a big step for some customers. That’s why as well as making sure all our customer service colleagues have formal energy efficiency training, we’ve also committed to making sure that all our colleagues have Basic Online Skills and that they can then identify customers who might struggle to get online. We’ll also be working with Go ON UK to make sure that all our online services are accessible to customers with Basic Online Skills.

Tony Cocker, Chief Executive

Everyone in the UK should have the Basic Online Skills to enjoy the full benefits of the web

From 2013, we will commence an engagement programme to encourage our colleagues to help our customers who have low or no digital skills. This will be achieved through internal communications to make sure they can recognise when a customer does not have the Basic Online Skills to access our services online. Colleagues will also signpost specific support through our community programme or referral to Go ON UK partners.

In order to do this we will involve our colleagues in our communications, specifically focusing on Staying Safe Online and offer them access to training resources to address any of their Basic Online Skills gaps. Any increased awareness from colleagues as a result of this involvement and training is likely to benefit some of our more vulnerable customers.

We will create dedicated Digital Champions in the business who can encourage their colleagues to further develop their own digital skills and show how best to help customers by signposting support for Basic Online Skills.

Communities who don’t have the skills to fully enjoy the benefits of the internet should not be left behind

From next spring, we’ll join forces to support people in our communities who have low or no digital skills. We will set up our communities programme and explore our partnership with Age UK to collaborate on digital exclusion.

E.ON has a commitment to support its customers at risk of fuel poverty and to identify and provide specific support to vulnerable customers. Also, our aim is to identify and support other needs our customers may have. We will identify which of our hundreds of thousands of vulnerable customers need support and develop ways to support them to get online and see the benefits. This will include, firstly, developing our own Digital Champions programme so that our colleagues can provide, and signpost to, support, and, secondly, working in partnership with charities and other organisations to offer more targeted support in the community.

Everyone deserves world-class digital services that meet their needs and are useable by all

Our growing online services should give our customers more choice and control and so we will make sure that all our key sales and self-service offerings are online by 2015, and useable by anyone with Basic Online Skills. The benefits to customers include getting the best deal for themselves, making it easy to switch energy providers and products and the ability to opt for added-value services that let them manage their energy consumption and reduce fuel waste. We will design our community and staff skills programmes to make sure that our more vulnerable customers, who potentially have the most to gain from these benefits, have the skills to use them.