Everyone in the UK should have the Basic Online Skills to enjoy the full benefits of the web

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we will make sure all our staff not only have Basic Online Skills themselves, but are able to identify and help customers with low or no digital skills to make sure they can get the most out of our services online. We will also provide additional guidance and training for our staff in social media to keep up to date with issues that affect our customers and inform our grant-making.

Communities who don’t have the skills to fully enjoy the benefits of the internet should not be left behind

We aim to make a difference to communities and those most in need, and we must be alert to a new form of need arising if people are excluded from essential services because they have no access to the internet or are not confident being online.

We will respond to this risk by funding projects that support communities to access services digitally, and which support charities to deliver services digitally – through a mix of mainstream funding programmes and strategically targeted investments. We will also work with Go ON UK to identify potential areas for new investment which are in line with BIG’s and Go ON UK’s mission.

Everyone deserves world-class digital services that meet their needs and are useable by all

We want to make sure customers’ interaction with us is as helpful, easy and efficient as possible. We will enhance our services to make it easier for our 50,000 customers to access information about the Big Lottery Fund and apply for funding online. We will also want to make it easier for our grant-holders to keep us informed on how their projects are developing and the impact of their work, and will enhance our services to help with this in 2013.