10.5 million adults in the UK don’t have Basic Digital Skills and are missing out on the benefits that digital technology can provide.

“I saved money on my energy bill by comparing prices online!”


North West makes the difference!

Earlier this month we held the North West I Made a Difference Awards in Manchester, and were overwhelmed with the response from the region. From Cumbria to Cheshire (and everywhere in between) the passion and sense of purpose towards digital inclusion has been humbling to behold.

Our Parks small

Digital technology gets thousands fit for free!

Digital technology helped Born Barikor get thousands of people fit for free with his ‘Our Parks’ initiative. Born now delivers free outdoor exercise classes to over 15,000 people throughout London with the help of his website and mobile app - ‘Our Parks’.

Digital Inclusion Outcomes Framework

A shared framework for measuring digital inclusion

The newly launched Digital Inclusion Outcomes Framework is intended as a single, flexible template for tracking digital inclusion in the UK, and evaluating activities locally. For the first time we’ll be able to track comprehensively and robustly the progress we are making as a society in achieving digital inclusion at a UK-wide level.

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